Our main priority at TX Rec Land is to help conserve the beautiful landscapes of Texas as well as promote good stewardship and land management practices.



TX Rec Land was founded to focus on properties that are used for recreational and agricultural uses. This includes hunting, fishing, bird-watching, as well as livestock and farming.

As Texas' population continues to expand, natural lands will continue to decrease in frequency. Lands previously used for hunting or to grow crops will succumb to urban expansion.

Now that all the world and the rest of mankind are coming to Texas, it behooves those who intend to remain here to look around them and see what portions of nature’s wide-spread bounties can be saved from the destructive tramp of immigration.

Landowners will prove to be the difference. Private properties may become the only way to protect the diverse and awe-inspiring views that the great state of Texas is known for.The efforts of landowners will continue to shift towards lands not only to enjoy recreationally, but also create profit. This can be done in many ways including livestock, agricultural, or hunting operations.  

We strive to help landowners invest in profitable real estate, enjoy every aspect of each unique property, and help to create a legacy that will last for generations to come.