What We Offer

At TX Rec Land REal Estate, we pride take pride in our work. We strive to set our company apart from the competition, by offering the most comprehensive services available to benefit both our Buyers and Sellers.


Honda Pioneer Utv

It’s imperative to be able to show buyers an entire property, rain or shine. Walking can be tiresome, time consuming and even dangerous. Our Honda Pioneer helps us accomplish this task quickly, quietly, and comfortably. With seating for five people, we can show the whole family all of the perks of their possible purchase. 





Aerial Drone: Photo and video capabilities

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are on the cutting edge of technology with large implications in real estate and agriculture alike. They make it possible to give clients a bird’s eye view of a property, without the expensive costs previously associated with using planes or helicopters. With the use of drones, high, 4K resolution video and images can be captured and stored for editing. We can then use this footage to create in-depth videos and maps to show clients the vast potential in each property we list. We want buyers to see the finer details of a property from the comfort of home, while displaying the hard-to-reach areas like lakes and wooded areas, since they tend to be the most sought-after selling points. Most of all, we employ this technology to let buyers see your property, hard work and improvements from a completely new perspective.


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superior property mapping

Maps play a pivotal role in rural real estate today. With the advent of the using the internet to inventory listings, many buyers are not local. High quality maps give clients the information they need to know from an aerial perspective. When combining mapping with our drone pictures, we can also provide 3D mapping that offers superior image quality when compared to other satellite maps from Google Maps or other satellite providers. Drone maps also give an up-to-date representation of the property. We want to ensure that all of the improvements are shown, whether that be roads, trails, barns, homes, water wells, or deer blinds. 


Comparative market analysis

Pricing a property is a large key to success for any real estate company. A comparative market analysis gives sellers an estimated value for their property. This involves reviewing comparable sales in the area over a relevant time period. We strive to list each property in order to create the most profit for the seller, while also pricing it in a way that will bring interested buyers to the table. If a property is listed too high, it may become stale on the market. 

We offer free, no obligation comparative market analyses to any interested sellers!


Office location

Office locations provide a comfortable atmosphere for buyers and sellers to meet as well as great advertising to out-of-town buyers. We utilize a full service office with all the necessities to make transactions smooth, comfortable and timely. Our office in conveniently located in the area and serves as a great place to meet buyers in order to show them our listings. It also helps develop a steady image in the community that shows TX Rec Land will be around for years to come. 


Highly visible signs

While the internet plays a large role in today's advertising, conventional signs are still extremely necessary for marking properties and drawing attention to our listings. We use large 4'x4' signs, as well as standard smaller signs, depending on each listing. We also employ numerous small road signs near highways, intersections, and other strategic locations, in order to draw attention from through traffic. All of our signs are highly visible and made from quality material.  

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Advertising is the most important key to finding a new property or selling an existing one. We harness advertising on over 350 separate websites that primarily specialize in land sales, such as www.landsoftexas.com. All of our listings are displayed on our website, www.txrecland.com as well as our social media page on Facebook. Additionally, we use conventional advertising on the radio and newspaper outlets throughout the area. 




We are proud to to release our exclusive magazine: Texas Recreational Land Magazine. This magazine covers topics that deal with owning land whether it be hunting, predator control, water wells or mineral rights. We aim to inform bother buyers and sellers of Texas land on issues they may face, as we as promote our exclusive listings. Numerous ads from local businesses are in the magazine as well, and helps to serve as a one-stop publication to find experts and contractors that can help you improve your property. This magazine is distributed via direct mail, as well as placement at local high-traffic areas throughout central Texas.