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Mike Beech is a Native Texan, author, lifelong athlete, coach, bowhunter, angler, amateur anthropologist, and professional trophy dad. When he's not out helping someone find the perfect tract of recreational land, or the site of their next home, he tries to spend as much time as he can convincing wild game to be his food.

A graduate of the University of Texas and holding an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, Mike began his career in Human Resources Management. Primarily working in the healthcare industry for a decade, he was able to transfer his skills and experience into several entrepreneurial pursuits, including catering, app development, apparel, and sporting goods. As well, his involvement in the sport of Scottish Highland Games afforded him the opportunity to travel far and wide, and meet a stunning variety of people from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures. Mike has won both National and World Championships in the sport, and was able to transition this into a book and successful coaching business that allows him to pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained.

Mike resides in Williamson County, Texas. In addition to his outdoor pursuits of hunting and fishing, he is passionate about sustainable practices, conservation, and land stewardship.He is one of the hosts of the Now You Try Podcast, which focuses on all of these through the lens of outdoorsmanship, self-sufficiency, and craftsmanship.

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