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Todd Stauffer is a fifth-generation Texan, born and raised in Central Texas. Growing up in the country, he became an outdoorsman early. Todd understands the importance of conserving the land's natural beauty and maximizing the profits that the land provides.   

After graduating from the University of Mississippi, Todd moved back to Texas to help care forhis family farm and start his career. Todd became a Petroleum Landman; he started his landman career in the Caldwell County courthouse, running title and buying leases in the historic Salt Flat Field. He has managed family and friends' properties across Texas, negotiating oil and gas leases, water agreements, right-of-way agreements (pipeline, transmission lines, road agreements), cattleleases, and more.

During his career, Todd has worked in numerous states and all the significant basins across Texas. His experience negotiating countless surface and subsurface agreements with landownershas given him the proficiency to represent sellers and buyers. He is committed to his work regardless of the size of the deal. He has encountered countless obstacles working to close deals that he has faced with integrity, building up his resiliency and creative problem-solving abilities.

This skill set led him to diversify his career and expand into real estate. Through his exposure to real estate, he learned his true passion is building relationships and helping individuals make sound investments and/or find the property of their dreams. 

Todd lives in Austin with his wife, Ann, of 13 years, 9-year-old daughter, and their dog, Tootsie Roll. They enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, listening to live music, and spending quality time with family and friends. 

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