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Bernard J., Buyer, Houston TX

Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by

I worked with John for over 10 months and he successfully closed a very complicated real estate transaction involving 4 tracts of adjoining land with 4 separate owners. At the time I was looking to buy, only 1 of the tracts of land was for sale. John worked very hard to get the other 3 tracts listed. He understands the concerns of both buyers and sellers and uses his knowledge and experience to bring them together—that is what he did for me. John will know the land inside and out. He will walk the land, drive the land, photograph the land and has a drone that can fly over the land to take videos. Initially, I looked at a lot of property online so that I could narrow down which ones I was interested in visiting. I was drawn to John’s listings because they contained very detailed information about the tract and he had 20 to 30 (or more) photographs whereas most other listings would have maybe 5 photographs and minimal information. On my properties, he analyzed and presented to me the various uses for the land whether it be farming, ranching, hunting, fishing or a recreational weekend getaway. I appreciated his creative ideas, insight and analysis. From the onset, it was very apparent to me that John enjoys what he does, he works very hard at it, and does an excellent job.

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