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Can Am Defender

We aim to offer our clients a comfortable and safe environment when selling or buying a property. This is where our Can Am Defender shines.

Our Can Am Defender helps us to cover more ground, quickly. While it may not replace the necessity of walking in some cases, it can provide feedback and insight on a property, faster than walking. This tool can save hours of walking, giving us the ability to safely look at more properties in a day than the average agent. With its smaller footprint, we can get into tighter areas, while also being less prone to getting stuck.


Our UTV helps us complete the extensive marketing “homework” we do for each property we list. In the picture above, the UTV helps us get in the optimal location for launching the drone. It can also aid in moving fallen trees, and carrying signage.


We like to get off of the beaten trail. Weighing in 1700 pounds, our UTV is over 60% lighter than the average pickup, as well as much narrower and shorter in stature. This allows for us to get in tight areas, and also operate better in wet conditions. With the addition of a 3500-lb winch, we can get back to work faster, should we get stuck.